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Royal Mail have a number of invoicing options to suit the needs of your business. You can choose to receive invoices via email or still enjoy receiving them through the post. Either way, our invoicing portal gives you instant access to copies of your invoices.

E-invoicing access offers an efficient and secure way to receive your invoices. We will send you an email with a PDF image of your invoice the same day it is raised on your account. You can view copies of your invoices as often as you need to, exporting them in PDF, csv or excel formats.

If you prefer to receive your invoices through the post you can still benefit from viewing and printing your invoices online as a Copy invoice user.

There are no restrictions to the number of accounts or users, all we ask is you have a separate valid email address for every user.

If you want to benefit from any of these invoicing solution, please click on the link below and compete the registration form. If you have any queries concerning our invoicing solution please feel free to contact us on rmg.e.invoicing@royalmail.com and we will be happy to help you.

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Please add either your Legal Entity number(s) or Account number(s) which you wish to move to electronic/copy invoicing.

Legal Entity numbers are a Royal Mail generated number to group all your accounts together and can be found on any of your Royal Mail invoices. If you wish to move all your accounts to electronic/copy invoicing, you may find this option more convenient.

Alternatively you may wish to move specific accounts to electronic/copy invoicing, to do this please add each individual account number below which again can be found on your Royal Mail invoices.

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